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Shailendra S Yadav

Post : Director
Tally Experience : 18 yrs
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Ph. : 9896010551

Team CyberTec -Hari Krishan

Hari Krishan

Post : System Manager
Date of Joining : January 2014
Phone : 8607102555

Team CyberTec - Kuldeep

Kuldeep Singh

Post : Sales Executive
Date of Joining : January 2019
Tally Experience : 2 yrs.
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Tally ERP 9 rel 6.4.8 is here. Update now.

Tally Rel 6.4.8 is launched from 3rd Oct. 2018

Changes in New release
It has supported new offline tool for e-way bill.
It supports latest GSTR 4 Offline tool for composite dealers.
In GST returns now zero rated supplies can be captured for composite dealers.

Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.2 : File 100 % error free Haryana online VAT

The much awaited Tally.ERP 9 release 5.2 is here. As Haryana VAT return filing has gone online and it has become a very tedious process for Tax payers, Tally has changed the way you file VAT returns.

Now you can automatically compile VAT returns in Tally, Export them in to the templates  and make file in online validation utility. The most important feature in all this process is that Tally tells you the errors in your entries and tells you to correct according to the law. The new triangulation process does this magic.
We at CyberTec Solutions help Tally users to file there VAT returns via Tally's latest release 5.2.

Release 5.2 is real simplicity

CyberTec Solutions is now Certified 3 Star Sales and Implementation partner.

CyberTec Solutions is now a certified 3 Star sales and implementation partner. What does this mean? What changes has been done to CyberTec Solutions ? How this is going to be benefited to a customer
CyberTec Solutions your Tally partner since 2001
A certification is a proof that the partner is capable of doing some functions which are being tested by the certifying authority. In this case Tally Solutions Pvt. LTd. has tested that CyberTec Solutions has be tested to deliver a perfect customer experience to it's Tally customers. Now customer can feel confident that if he has any problem or queries related to Tally then CyberTec Solutions can assist in a more  competent way.
It also means that CyberTec Solutions has resources, capabilities and experience to deliver various Tally solutions like Sales, It's training and it's implementation. 

If you are a Tally user or planning to implementation in your organisation the CyberTec Solutions is better equipped to help you.
Certification provided by Harish Rajput, head Sales North Zone
If you have any Tally query, problem or want Tally to work for you then we are your one stop shop. Feel free to drop us a message our team would get in touch with you soon.